Restorative Dentistry


When the gums start to improve, we focus on treating tooth decay and replacement of defective fillings. We do not use mercury-containing metal amalgam material (silver-grey in colour) to fill teeth.

Instead we use modern adhesive cosmetic composite filling material (tooth-coloured), making the teeth look as good as new. Because the fillings bond to tooth, this material strengthens teeth rather than weakening them. If a tooth cavity is very large, it may be necessary to place a porcelain (ceramic) inlay, made by the dental laboratory.

Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes tooth decay is so deep it causes damage to the nerve (pulp). By carrying out Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) we can save a tooth by removing the nerve, cleaning and disinfecting the nerve canal(s), and filling the canals to the end of the root (apex). With good local anaesthetic techniques this is a pain-free procedure. A tooth that has had root canal treatment needs to have a crown as soon as healing is complete.


Also called "caps", these are used when a tooth is so badly damaged that a filling or inlay is not sufficient to adequately restore the tooth. At Caizen we use non-metal, cosmetic, all-ceramic porcelain crowns to restore the tooth in this situation. Caps (and veneers) are also used in the Smile Design process to change the shape of the teeth to the ideal smile. Our master ceramic dental technicians create crowns which are indistinguishable from natural teeth.