Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants

With the exception of wisdom teeth, we at Caizen Dental believe that a lost tooth should be replaced soon after and that there should be no gaps in the mouth. We also believe that the most ideal tooth replacement is by means of a ceramic (porcelain) crown, held securely by a dental implant (which is an artificial tooth root).

Historically, other options would have been to use teeth next to a gap to hold a "bridge" - we don't do this as it damages the holding teeth, or by making a partial denture ( "plate"; "false teeth") - we don't do this because it damages gums and teeth. Furthermore, we no longer make Full dentures (i.e. replacing all the teeth) unless they are to be anchored securely with dental implants.

Teeth In A Day

This is a technique whereby a client has a new full set of upper and lower teeth on the same day as the implants are placed. A number of visits are required, prior to the implant placement, for careful planning, consultation and organisation between Caizen and our technicians.